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• 11/27/2017

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• 5/13/2016

Gold chests

When I am grinding on several of the levels I get the gold chest but then it has a different recipe in it than what was supposed to drop for the level according to the rare matirial list on the right. Is that just a you can get a recipe or is it a specific recipe?
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• 1/9/2016

Elemental Attribute of Equipment

I understand that certain types of armour (such as the 'Ignition Mail') give elemental attributes which reduce the damage of attacks which have the same element but receive more damage from attacks of the opposing element.
What I want to know is: Do some accessories (such as the 'Flaming Tomoe Ring') have the same issue of elemental weaknesses?
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• 12/23/2015

Gold Mailbox bug?

What are the chances that in using a Golden Mailbox, in about 10 rounds of hiring you get NO BLACK ENVELOPES?
I feel like I wasted all my employee stones on this possible "bug".
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• 12/3/2015

Take over/ Awakened Rank

Should I use lvl 1 to awake my main Character (lvl 36)?
Will it add more stats if i get more lvl on Awakened material?
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• 11/22/2015

Kanpani Girls ENG Mobile?

I'd like to know, are there any plans to further localized the game through the mobile release? I first caught sight of a mobile adaptation through pixiv and then from DMM Games which I already had installed. Apart from the 3-5 second of doing nothing that happens before a battle, it looks visually appealing and runs very smoothly on my Galaxy s5 . I still don't quite understand how DMM Games work since you have to install the app which turns out to be an appstore. The games can download like the Google playstore. Can this be ported to the actual Google playstore or does it prove to be more difficult than I thought? I'm a pretty patient guy, but if this doesn't get an English localization, I'm thinking about digging into the files and translating it. But when you're talking about me, that's just a dream. I'm actually not quite sure how to that, but I'll try to find a way.
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• 11/22/2015

Ripping audio/pictures/models/etc from the game?

Please don't be too harsh with me. I'm still a newbie with these things as well.
Is there a way to do any of these? It would prove to be useful for websites like this wiki. And of course, they will be used for good purposes. I know that with websites, you can right click on the website background and inspect the page. It would give you access to links that show images, audio, and videos. With games that you've downloaded, you can simply look inside the files. For a game like Kanpani Girls, how would you do this? I've been inspecting the page, but it only gives me the actual player for the game, not any of the files needed.
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• 11/14/2015

Employee page aesthetics and consistency

Having done some edits around the Wiki, I've noticed that many of the employee pages are lacking in consistency (or lacking entirely at the time of writing), so I was wondering if we could adopt some sort of standard for neatness sake. Two of the page layouts I like (at least as far as the template is concerned) are these (or rather examples thereof): 
I feel the template here provides a lot of information to the reader, while the template here is more aesthetically pleasing. I think it would be great if the former template combined the color-class matching and general aethetics (top of the picture capped by block of color and text, rank stars are golden, cleaner looking in general) of the latter template. I think if those two templates were combined into one it'd make a great standardized template for employees for the rest of the Wiki. Thoughts anyone?
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• 7/24/2015

How to Sell Materials?

I saw on this page http://kanpani.wikia.com/wiki/Materials
that I can sell my materials for money but what I don't understand is how?
please help :(
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• 7/24/2015

Music on the Starting Page

was just curious on the music on the starting page, the one where the "Game Start" Button is.
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• 7/24/2015

Event Choices [Story] Quest Mission/s

Hi, I'm new to the game, wanted to ask what does the <skull> symbol represent whenever your asked to make a choice in the story quest?
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